Repair & Restoration

Piano Restoration
Piano Restoration

Below is an overview of a few services that Gordon’s Piano Shop provides. We strive to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the piano industry. While you are browsing through our services section, and you have a question related to what we do-

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Replacement of strings, pins, sound board cracks repaired pin block is reamed to accommodate th new pins, the cast iron plate is gilded and the string felts replaced. Minor soundboard repair is included.

Action Regulation
Hammers tightened and refitted to strings, capstan adjustment, all flanges tightened and lubricated as needed, flies and knuckles adjusted, hammer let off, hammer drop dampers regulated, back checks adjusted, repetition springs tensioned.
Your action can easily be adjusted to make the weight of the key touch heavier or lighter, most of all consistent.

Hammer Replacement
We usually recommend Able hammers from Germany as they offer the same “old world” quality that you would find in a 1920’s piano. We offer well made Japanese hammers as used by Yamaha. If domestic hammers are available, we will provide them: Action regulation is included, Key bed regulation is not included.

Hammer Reshaping and Voicing
In order to save some customers the cost of replacing worn hammers on their piano, we offer a reconditioning of the old hammers. This is to make them evenly round again and then softened by voicing them as needed. This job is dependent on a reasonable amount of felt still on the existing hammers. Requires that the action be removed and taken to the shop: $180 for uprights or grands.

Key Restoration
Do you have chipped or missing key tops on your piano? Perhaps your keys aren’t as even as you would like, maybe they are a loose from excessive glissando’s. In any case, we provide individual key repairs or complete key restoration.

Felt key bushings are not always needed as the front bushing posts can often be adjusted to eliminate “side play” from the keys depending on the existing felt.